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Curry Cravings™  Philosophy


​Curry Cravings™ is the reflection of my philosophy and personal mission to create healthy, balanced, flavorful eating for all of us. As a one-woman venture, the Curry Cravings™ philosophy and commitment towards unique, healthy, well made Indian food remains unwavering and unadulterated. My brand incorporates a rigorous set of ideologies:

I strive to explore the diversity of the Indian cuisine and highlight its flavor-rich complexities.

I strive to broaden and elevate palettes towards Indian foods: from mediocre and gauche to urbane and sublime.

I am passionate about eating well, eating better and reducing processed foods on our tables and in our diets.


I choose fresh, hormone free, preservative free produce and products that are good for the body. I choose to create tasty, flavorful eats that are good for the soul. I choose to dine happy and share joyfully that nourish the spirit.

I see spice as flavor and flavor as a spice. When we pay attention to what we eat, how we nourish ourselves and how we choose to flavor our lives, we truly begin to LIVE.

I remain curious about how we interact with food: for nourishment and sustenance, it’s economic and environmental impact as well as its multifaceted socio-cultural dimensions and diversions. My meals combine inherited heritage and culinary wisdom, learned Ayurvedic principles and practiced scientific knowledge to bring you an exquisite dining and culinary experience.

I  believe that commitment towards achieving a culinary balance between high quality, refined taste, decadent satisfaction and overall health makes a meal memorable. In following this commitment each day, I am able to create refreshingly unique meals and gatherings.

I believe in having a healthy balanced outlook towards our lives, by being conscious of our consumption and being well nourished.

After actively sharing Curry Cravings™ philosophy one dinner plate at a time in two states, I am pleased to share my dinner table with discerning foodies of Greater LA starting Summer of 2012. Curry Cravings’ will maintain its metro ATL calendar and will travel between the two markets.


As of Fall 2013, CC's dinner calendar has taken a momentary pause until 'A Dozen Ways' is completed. Stay tuned for future dates, get on the mailing list or sign up to receive updates about my upcoming books.


I look forward to your company at one of my gatherings, or when you plan your own!

  ~ Happy Cravings ~  


Nandita Godbole

Life-long Learner

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