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Roti: Easy Indian Breads & Sides

Second Edition

November 2018

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By popular demand, I am thrilled to bring you an updated and expanded second edition of Roti: Easy Indian Breads & Sides. 

This second edition is expanded, to include more than 50 essential and easy recipes. In here are recipes for many basic types of bread such as fulka, and paratha, as well as popular restaurant favorites such as naan and stuffed parathas. In addition, I am including a range of sides and fixings to pair with these bread, so you never have to look past your kitchen to fix up a good hearty and healthy meal.

The first edition of Roti was a small eBook with about 20 recipes, created as a special reward to backers of an earlier Kickstarter campaign, Crack the Code (second edition). This eBook edition stayed a Kindle® Best-seller (Kindle>Cookbooks>Indian) for many weeks after.

Roti Includes:

  • Essential Techniques & Creations

  • 50+ Recipes with Rich Photography

  • Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Vegan-Adaptable Options

  • Tips for Novices, Home-Chefs & Professionals

Roti: Your Lunchbox Solution

  • Versatile: An Indian meal would seem incomplete without its bread. From delicate one-bite poori’s or fluffy fulka roti to parathas, naans, dosas, stuffed breads and pav; there are dozens of varieties of traditional Indian bread. They play the role of snacks, accompaniments, and main courses!

  • Make-Ahead Convenience: Rotis and other Indian breads are not only versatile for all sorts of meals, many stuffed breads also serve as stand-alone meals, and often solve ordinary lunchbox woes. Many varieties can be made several days ahead of time and are easily warmed up whenever hunger strikes! The best part is that they are super easy to make, and I can show you how.

Roti & Indian breads: The healthier, cleaner and diet-friendly alternative

  • Indian breads are traditionally healthier and cleaner to eat than store bought breads.

  • Most are made with unprocessed whole grain flour, and rarely use added leavening agents.

  • Indian breads can be easily adapted to dietary restrictions.

Roti: A Master-Class In A Book

  • My most popular classes (after spices) have been bread-making classes. Without using fancy equipment, novices and professional chefs alike have been able to learn the techniques of how to roll the dough and how to cook, all using a simple rolling pin and a flat rolling surface! All these classes are 'rolled' into one fabulous book. Once you start making these by yourself, you will never look back.

  • PS: This is one class where you are required to eat your homework.

Print Book Specifications

  • Softbound 6" X 9", 120+ pages, 70 lb or higher paper quality

  • 50+ recipes

  • Color book

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