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:|| Namaskaar ~ Welcome ||:

Curry Cravings™ LLC is a lifestyle brand that invites you to explore fine hand-crafted Indian cuisine in the comfort of your own home.


Curry Cravings™ LLC quiet mantra is:
"Eat Well. Live Well. Be Present"

Through its products and services, Curry Cravings™ LLC invites you to savor soulful and holistic Indian cuisine, learn to make healthy, tasteful and sustainable food choices, understand the basics of cooking Indian food and revisit the nutritional and therapeutic qualities of commonly available ingredients.


At Curry Cravings™ LLC, I believe that food must be experienced, not merely consumed. It is a journey. Food is our ONE direct connection to a culture, its history, to lands we may not have traveled yet and to generations we have never met. So, come along for one of our journeys; you don't even need to pack.


Nandita Godbole

Curry Cravings™ LLC
Metro Atlanta ~ California ~ Your Kitchen

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