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My work covers many diverse aspects of the Indian culture, including conversations about celebrations, religion, immigrant experiences, culinary traditions, travel & culinary travel experiences and more.


As a one-woman small business owner, entrepreneur and self published author, I can share my wealth of first hand experiences at the table.


I have been an invited guest speaker at many venues, sharing views on diverse subjects such as cultural sensitivities, career development, religious spaces, place making, art and more. I teach both culinary and art workshops, host private dinner events and write about business development for micro-businesses.


Learning opportunities include but are not limited to:

• Cooking Classes: private instruction & large format instruction

• Art Workshops

• Holistic & Wellness Based Cooking

Speaking topics include but are not limited to:

• Food & Culture

• Publishing Insight

• Immigrant Experiences

• Small Business Development

• Book / Author Tours


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