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Book Reviews

Read what some reviewers are saying about A Dozen Ways to Celebrate & Crack the Code.


"It is an incredibly unique but simple six-tier system of making sure that each ingredient used has a purpose and a distinct function. More importantly, it teaches you how to make sure no one ingredient overshadows the one that comes before it, or that will come after it."


Godbole says that Indian food calls for the blending of specific spices that impart a custom flavor to any given dish. “If you use ‘curry powder’ you get the same flavor for every meal,” says Godbole, who tends not to mince words. “That does not constitute a meal, it constitutes prison food.”


" My local Indian take-out could stand to learn a few lessons from her. Both of her cookbooks are chuck full of interesting and unique Indian dishes."


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'In her presentation, Godbole showed us how a touch of spice can transform ordinary foods into tempting Indian treats."


"Believe me, you'll want these books. They explore Indian cuisine in ways I haven't seen, although I have a huge library of Indian cookbooks, many from India."


"Soups, salads, snacks, entrees and side dishes from exotic regions in India are easily broken down into bite sized morsels, so even those with relatively little cooking experience can master them."

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