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About Nandita

I am an entrepreneur and the creative energy behind Curry Cravings™ LLC.


I come from a family of chefs and restaurateurs. I grew up both in the city in India and summered on our family farm in the countryside, learning to appreciate the fruits of the land.

I enjoy food: growing it, experimenting with it, creating it, capturing its essence and sharing its goodness with friends - new and old.

I love fresh, crisp ingredients that ooze with goodness. I love all kinds of flavors and strive to create healthy and memorable eats.

I believe food is best when experienced, not when merely consumed.

I believe that food ties people to places, to their traditions and through generations past, present and future.

​I believe in respecting traditions but adapting them to suit practical lifestyles.


I am a personal chef, a parent and spouse, a curious researcher, a writer, a traveller, a visceral artist, a constant dreamer, an experimental gardener; and although my family is a mélange of Indian culture, I hail from Bombay, India. And yes, I said it, Bombay.


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