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The fine print

Some commonly practiced social-media, communication & general housekeeping policies:

‘Announcement’ Emails:

I suspect we all like happy news. Being a specialized small business, I grow best through referrals and direct one-on-one communication. As a past or future patron of Curry Cravings™ LLC  I feel you might be excited to hear from me first hand. So, I resort to emails. Such subject specific emails go out on an as needed basis only. You will receive no more than 2 emails about the subject in question.

Curry Cravings™ LLC & Social Media:

Curry Cravings™ is on Facebook, TwitterPinterest and also has a blog. These are my day-to-day lines of communication. You are welcome to ‘friend’ Curry Cravings or simply become a follower. To make it easier to find me, I invite all email subscribers to join me on one of these channels. This is not spam.

Subscribers On Specific Mailing Lists: 

Some of you may be subscribers to Curry Cravings™ LLC blog updates, mailing lists for personalized cooking classes and especially supper clubs (ATL and LA). If you are subscribed to any of these, you can expect one email per ‘category’ about an update regarding that particular category. You can expect a follow-up email, if the matter in question is time sensitive (eg. reservations closing announcement). Please alert me if something in your preferences changes, for example you've moved from ATL to LA or vice-versa, have changed your dietary preferences etc. via email at

Service Clients: Hosts / Catering / Personal Chef Clients: 

You are more likely to receive an occasional email about services only if they are relevant to your past history with me. If you receive one in error, or are no longer interested in that service, please drop me a line, and I will make the change.

Making Reservations & Placing Orders: 

Please be considerate and pre-pay when making a reservation for a supper club dinner or a private party. For your convenience, our site uses PayPal. If you would rather send a check, please ask for a mailing address. Please note: Supper-club spots are ONLY held with pre-paid reservations, regardless of your history with Curry Cravings™ LLC.

Refunds On 'Supper Club' Reservations:

Everything is made to order or with a pre-paid order. Reservation policies for each supper club are different, but reservations typically close 5-7 days prior to the event. This information is included in the Supper Club announcement. No refunds are possible after reservations close. However, in the unlikely event a Supper Club gathering is cancelled, patrons receive a full refund.

Food Allergies & Intolerances:

I take great care in the preparation of the meals. Patrons are responsible for informing Curry Cravings™ LLC of food allergies or intolerances as a measure of good faith. Please know that the Curry Cravings™ LLC kitchens process nuts, meat, dairy, wheat and other common food allergens. Service clients with food allergies that offer their own kitchen must know that Curry Cravings™ LLC takes utmost care to ensure food allergens do not cross contaminate your meals.

Media Queries & Cross Marketing Opportunities:

I am happy to entertain media queries and cross marketing opportunities especially from small vendors, artists and small local businesses. Bartering is possible but it must be practical for both parties involved. Please contact me directly with your information and we can always determine compatibility together.


As part of our events, we take lots of pictures. They are ways for us to document events, gatherings, dishes etc. for our scrapbook. Some of these images may be used on the website. Curry Cravings™ LLC may procure consent before posting any pictures, but please know that the photographs we take will be used for such purposes.

Confidentiality & Copyrights:

I do not sell or share your emails or mailing information with other parties. I expect that people on my mailing list respect the use of information I have provided (product information, menu planning etc). All photographs and web content as well as menus’ are intellectual property of Nandita Godbole, dba, Curry Cravings™. Note that the name ‘Curry Cravings’ bears a trademark. There are no exceptions. Professional courtesy is expected.


I hate to see you go, but for whatever reason, if you wish to unsubscribe, please drop me note or include the word ‘Unsubscribe’ in the subject line of the last email you received from Curry Cravings™ LLC It might take a few days for me to catch up to it.

Best wishes,

Questions / Concerns? Email or call - I will be happy to address them!

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