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2005: Nandita begins to teach Indian cooking as Curry Cravings™

2010: Private dinners begin in ATL

2012: Curry Cravings™ expands to Greater Los Angeles area
2013: Curry Cravings™ begins a cookbook
2013: Athens, GA gets the first taste of Curry Cravings™

2014: Small press, indie pub.: 'A Dozen Ways to Celebrate ' debuts

2014: OC, CA gets the first taste of Curry Cravings

2015: Curry Cravings™ is teaching even more cooking classes!

2015: 'Crack the Code' is making waves!

and then, so much more happens!


Curry Cravings™ Signature Dinners & 'Turmeric Trail Dinners', Atlanta & Metro LA require reservations.

The calendar for Curry Cravings™ Signature Dinners is first made available to diners on the mailing list. If room permits, it is opened to the public. Reservations close 1 week prior to event or when we have met our cap, whichever occurs first. Menus are not disclosed outside of confirmed guests.

Turmeric Trail Dinners are our intimate gatherings of 2-20 guests. These gatherings are scheduled based purely on availability the host and the chef! Confirmed scheduling requires 4-8 weeks prior to a dinner event. In addition,

  • For metro ATL events: if the location is 20+ miles outside of metro ATL, mileage charges may apply.

  • For Greater LA events: please include specific location details, I will let you know if mileage charges apply.

  • For Orange County, CA events: please express interest to determine availability.

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