Private Events

Meaningful experiences bring people together. Our events are intimate, private and unique. No two events are alike and neither is our crowd.


Here are some details about our next event ....

Snack Soiree

3.30-6 p.m. | October 7, 2017 | Santa Monica
$15 per head


Join us for a lazy Saturday afternoon social as your favorite Indie-Indian author launches her next cookbook 'Not For You' at a secret Santa Monica location. Sip on sesaonal spiced chai and enjoy tasty treats at this relaxing casual event under warm California skies.



Masala Cha ~ Bhel ~ Assorted Tapas Platter


Reservations close: October 1, 2017



Venue disclosed on October 6, 2017.

Venue requires a separate $10-$15 parking charge, not included in your ticket.
Please inform me of food allergies, if any.

No refunds after October 2.


About the book:
This much-anticipated title
recieved pre-press on NBC Asian-America in 2016.  Learn more about it here:

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