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Virtual Wellness 

Virtual wellness could have never been easier.


Nandita offers virtual cooking classes and corporate tea tasting events for small and large groups.  Learn about healthy eating, and small steps to easy wellness, all possible while making a cup of tea!!


What to expect

  • Our virtual wellness class includes two 35-minute sessions.

  • Begin with a short, guided meditation before we start cooking, an introduction to Ayurvedic concepts and to Ayurvedic teas and brews.

  • In the second session, participants will join for a cook-along, making three to four easy brews using grocery store ingredients, fresh fruits, and a handful of spices.


For participants

  • All participants receive a digital copy of Nandita’s latest cookbook, ‘Seven Pots of Tea’ prior to the event.

  • Alternately, the host may choose to purchase signed print copies of ‘Seven Pots of Tea’ at a corporate discount rate (applicable for 10+ copies).

  • Participants may choose to purchase a spice-kit to pair alongside their digital/print book.



  • Pricing starts at $50 per head, and is largely determined based on number of participants and extent of customization.

Participating in our Virtual Event from anywhere around the world is easier than ever before. Make sure to spread the word to friends near and far. Simply go online at the date and time of the event and follow the steps. Try all the links on our site beforehand to avoid technical difficulties, and get in touch if you have any issues.

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