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Curry Cravings™ exclusively presents the 2nd edition of


A Dozen Ways to Celebrate

Twelve Decadent Indian Feasts for the Culinary Indulgent






















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(the included pdf is intentionally a low resolution verion)


:About the book:

Using her unconventional approach to Indian food and cookbooks, Nandita’s maiden outside-the-box cookbook, A Dozen Ways to Celebrate, is now available exclusively through this website, for your book shelf!


A Dozen Ways To Celebrate provides a glimpse into the rich diversity and adaptability of traditional Indian food. It is a new concept to approaching a cuisine, away from predictability of this genre.


This richly visual resource not only includes more than 100 recipes in 12 elaborate menus, each originally presented at one of Curry Cravings™ secret supper club dinners, but it also provides cohesive and balanced menu plans, a shopping cheat-sheet and a wealth of practical notes that build confidence with the cuisine.


Invite Nandita and her books to be at your side in your kitchen for a transformative approach to cooking Indian meals.

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