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"A Dozen Ways to Celebrate". . . additional resources

A Dozen Ways To Celebrate includes twelve themed gatherings, with menus and activity ideas for your dining events. These are excerpts of supporting resources that can be part of your festivities. This list follows chapter themes, and is routinely updated.


Email me if you want to add something:

Coastal Inspired

Bollywood provides endless options for entertainment to supplement an evening spent in the appreciation of the Indian culture. In particular, the coast of Western India forms the backdrop of many Hindi language films such as Saagar (1985), Jaal (1952) and Bassein (1946). Bassein is a very short silent documentary.


To learn more about what some communities are doing to preserve artisnal fishing as a craft in India, visit this site.


Dosa Party

As a unique subculture with several complex languages and a fervently “centric” culture, Southern India has provided much fodder for movie scripts, including sub cultural themes, cross-cultural conflicts and the eternal love stories where north meets south. In popular entertainment, the Bollywood film Padosan (1968) provides some comedic relief but also highlights stereotypical portrayals of the diaspora of Southern India. Sadma (1983), Roja (1992), a movie dubbed in several languages that became a quintessential modern day love story, and Bombay (1995) all showcase the Southern Indian culture set within popular themes of Indian cinema.


Acclaimed storyteller R.K. Laxman’s Malgudi Days is a classic read for those interested in fictional characters and rustic lifestyles. Written in 1943 with several reproductions since, some of the stories in the book were included in the Malgudi Days television show, which is available on YouTube.


Nawabi Dinner

Mughal Arts

1. The Free Library by Farlex. Includes text only.

2.The Metropolitan Museum of Art includes extensive details on Islamic religion, arts and culture. Visit this page for a lead-in.

3. The MoMA also includes a timeline of South Asian art. Check it out here.


More resouces on these chapters to follow:

Crepe Escape

Street eats, 1 & 2


Family Feast

Tapas & Game Night

Great Northern Cuisine

and a few more!!



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